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History Buffs

History Buffs

The Olde English District is where history comes alive. Great for history buffs but also an incredible learning experience for those yearning to know more about the region and the very fabric of the United States. From the Revolutionary War Visitor Center in Camden to the Native American Studies Center in Lancaster or from the Southern African American Heritage Center to the Dizzy Gillespie Homesite Park, both in Cheraw, explore the rich history that the OED has to offer. 


History Buffs

Kim Stacy has an intense interest in the area’s Revolutionary War experiences and participates in reenactments both on the American and British sides. 

Experience our nation’s history in a personal way when visiting the Olde English District. Walk a battlefield where American independence was won, sit at a lunch counter where freedom fighters dared to dream or explore your family’s heritage through immersive experiences. Take a look at the many opportunities in the OED to absorb the area’s rich history.