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Kim Stacy Brings History to Life

Kim Stacy Brings History to Life

History is a big deal in the Olde English District. Just ask Kim Stacy, who has an intense interest in the area’s Revolutionary War experiences and participates in reenactments both on the American and British sides. 

Stacy has written about the war and is known as a local expert. He brings history to life by weaving the tale of British forces that led Gen. Charles Lord Cornwallis to establish a supply depot and garrison at Camden after capturing Charleston in May 1780. The British made a great effort to secure control of the South Carolina backcountry. In August 1780, the Patriots suffered a devastating defeat in the Battle of Camden that allowed the British control in the South.

“This area is beautiful,” Stacy says. “And the people are so friendly, too. So I would suggest that folks visit just for those reasons. But if you’re interested in history, the area was the center point of the American Revolution. South Carolina recorded the second most battles during the war and the most men killed.”

Stacy’s passion for history began by reading history books when he was only about five years old. Years later, he began to work with the online magazine Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution. He loves writing, reading, researching and archiving, so he found a natural path toward being a history lover.

“I love educating people about history,” Stacy says. “I love talking to school kids. Planting those seeds.” Stacy speaks with pride that 3,000 school kids attended the annual Battle of Camden Revolutionary War Reenactment with more than 450 re-enactors. “We had folks from all over the country come to the Olde English District for this event,” he says. “It showed how important history is here.”

While the American Revolution is specifically his cup of tea, Stacy acknowledges that the area is tremendously rich in many facets of history, including the Civil War, Civil Rights and much more. “You have an array of museums across the region that look at history from different angles, plus historical markers and events,” he says. “There is a lot of history to take in here—and lots of lessons to learn.”