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In the Olde English District, the paths of local ancestry intersect with those of American history. For family historians, there are many resources available for genealogy research, offering a personal way to learn about local history as well as find your ancestors. 

Camden Archives and Museum

The Camden Archives & Museum

The Camden Archives & Museum is regarded as one of the finest resources for genealogical research in South Carolina. The archives house an extensive collection of reference materials for family historians to explore, as well as the city’s historical records. By providing access to a wealth of records on local families, the museum is an invaluable gateway to uncovering your familial past.

Fairfield County Genealogical Society

Offering local as well as nationwide genealogical resources, the Fairfield County Genealogical Society in Winnsboro is dedicated to assisting family historians and the general public. It offers an ongoing calendar of upcoming events about local genealogy, history and preservation of information, as well as an extensive list of DNA resources.

Historical Center of York County

For history related to the Carolina Piedmont, the Historical Center of York County provides a vast range of family genealogies, historic photographs, rare books and other resources, along with local court records. Many public donations are contained within the archives, including the impressive collection by local genealogist James E. Hart, Jr., with information on more than 75,000 families. 

Winthrop University 

The Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections at Winthrop University in Rock Hill houses a broad range of primary sources and photos that reveal the histories of Winthrop University and the Catawba region of South Carolina. Named after a former Professor Emeritus at Winthrop, the archives hold more than 1,600 manuscript collections.

Union County Museum

In historic downtown Union, the Union County Museum on Main Street houses more genealogical material than any other resource in the county. You can also shop online to browse their variety of publications to help find your ancestors or purchase other gift items related to local history.

Union County Museum

Discover how exciting genealogy in the Olde English District can be by exploring any of these family history resources. As portals to the past supported by hundreds of local volunteers and historians, our genealogy venues can help bring your family tree to life.