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Small-Town Americana

Small-Town Americana

Whether it’s hospitality, affordability or enjoying unique activities, there are many advantages to visiting small towns. The Olde English District spans seven counties in the north-central area of South Carolina: Chester, Chesterfield, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lancaster, Union and York. Each of the counties offers plenty of small-town charm and all of the opportunities they afford. Take a look around and consider an escape to one of the small towns in the OED.



Small-Town Americana

Innkeepers David and Elizabeth Claytor showcase their passion for the blues throughout the historic house, built in 1904, with art and collectibles adorning the home’s 10-foot walls.

While there are many small towns in South Carolina, the Olde English District’s historic downtowns are a distinct testament to the region. Each of these downtown areas preserves the charm of days gone by while infusing the neighborhood with modern life. So experience life in the slow lane by checking out all we have to offer and taking a classic Americana tour.