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An Appreciation for Art

An Appreciation for Art

Public Art

Set out on a self-guided mural tour that unveils the visual stories woven into our communities. Lancaster boasts several murals, including Forward Together on West Arch and South Main Streets, a testament to the town’s artistic legacy, painted by Ralph Waldrop in the 1970s and later restored by Russ Petty. In 2019, See Yourself in Lancaster was also painted by Russ Petty and community volunteers. Several others were painted or restored, bringing even more color to Lancaster’s downtown streets.

An Appreciation for Art
Butterfly mural in Camden

In Rock Hill, the Mural Mile paints a colorful tapestry across the city’s downtown, where local artists connect with the community through inspiring works, including Vernon Grant (painted by Osiris Rain and designed by Illustrator Jill Pratzon) and Warehouse on White (painted by Osiris Rain).

Camden showcases vibrant butterflies adorning Town Green Alley, a collaborative masterpiece by artists Colt Shirley and Lori Isom-Starnes. Don’t miss the Pageland Mural, a watermelon-themed masterpiece by muralist Will Sellers, capturing the essence of the renowned Pageland Watermelon Festival. 

Must-See Galleries 

Various studios serve as vibrant hubs for creativity. Bob Doster’s Backstreet Studio is home to an internationally renowned artist known for his metal sculpture masterpieces. In York County, Gallery 120 is a community art gallery open during the week, and the Center for the Arts houses the offices of the Arts Council of York County, the Dalton, Perimeter, Edmund Lewandowski Classroom Galleries and private artist studios. Union County Arts Council boasts a gallery located in one of downtown Union’s most historic buildings. 

An Appreciation for Art
bob doster’s backstreet studio

Performing Art

For a more interactive experience, time your visit to coincide with a live performance at local theaters, such as the Arts Center of Kershaw County, Lancaster County Council of the Arts, Pine Tree Playhouse or NarroWay Productions.