Quaker, Beth El and Cedar Cemeteries | Olde English District

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Quaker, Beth El and Cedar Cemeteries

713 Meeting St.
Camden, SC 29020

Visit these adjoining hallowed grounds where three adjoining cemeteries provide a final resting place for early settlers. Still in use today, the heroes of several wars and other notable past residents are buried here. Cedar Cemetery was established in the early 1800s, as some of the markers date from that time. It may have been the only cemetery in Camden for Free People of Color as most of the town's African-American citizens who lived in and around the town from the early 1800s until sometime well into the 1900s were buried here. It is probable that Bonds Conway and his wife Dorcas are buried in this cemetery, but without identifiable markers. The graves of General John D. Kennedy, General Joseph Brevard Kershaw and General John B. Villepigue are here along with many other soldiers of the War, some unknown. Richard Kirkland, the Confederate hero who risked his life to give water to the wounded Federal troops at the Battle of Fredericksburg, is buried here. Dr. George Rogers Clark Todd, a Confederate surgeon in Camden and the brother of Mrs. Abraham Lincoln is also buried here. The Confederate spy, Josephine Brown, is buried here as Josephine Lovett Noel. Additional information can also be found at these sites: Quaker Cemetery and Beth El Cemetery.