Mount Carmel Campground | Olde English District

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Mount Carmel Campground

4336 Mount Carmel Rd.
Heath Springs, SC 29058
(803) 285-4254

The second of the two known such campgrounds in the Olde English District, Mount Carmel was organized by a former slave, Isom Caleb Clinton, and members of the Mount Carmel African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AMEZ) Church in 1870. From its inception, the campground has been an interdenominational gathering place that combined religious services with fellowship. There is a large open-air arbor in the center of the complex which is surrounded by approximately 100 small cinder-block or wood houses known as tents. Hundreds participate in the annual ecumenical services which are held the first Wednesday through Sunday in September. In 1981 Mount Carmel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Location: 1.7 miles from the intersection of New Hope and Mount Carmel Roads. View from outside; open on Sundays.