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The Brick Church (also known as Ebenezer Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church or First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church)

15000 Monjicono Rd.
Jenkinsville, SC 29065
(803) 635-4242

This church was erected by the people of the Little River section of the county in 1788 from bricks molded by the members. They also cut the timber to provide the woodwork. It is small and rectangular, reflecting the sturdy, proud spirit of the Scotch Irish whose love for their religion was always uppermost. The interior is classic in simplicity with long straight-back wooden pews, a slave gallery, and an old fashioned pulpit. A written apology from a Union solder was inscribed on the wall of the sanctuary: "To the citizens of this county--Please excuse us for defacing your house of worship. It was absolutely necessary to effect a crossing over the creek. Signed, A Yankee".