Battle of Boykin’s Mill | Olde English District

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Battle of Boykin’s Mill

73 Boykin Mill Rd.
Rembert, SC 29128
(803) 425-6724

A marker notes the site of this Civil War battle which took place on April 18, 1865, one of the last during the conflict. On that day, about 250 Confederate soldiers and volunteers with the SC Home Guard fought the federal soldiers. The federal troops won the battle but their progress was delayed by a full day. During the conflict, First Lieutenant E. L. Stevens of the all-Negro 54th Massachusetts Infantry (depicted in the film, "Glory", starring Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman), was killed, thus distinguishing him as the last federal officer to die in the Civil War. The battle took place nine days after the end of the war had been declared. The 54th Massachusetts Infantry was the first group of former slaves and freemen to fight as a commissioned group. It is rumored that a slave in Boykin led soldiers of the 54th to the most strategic fighting locations in the surrounding woods. Twenty years later, the federal government sent a team to recover the bodies of the fallen soldiers. They were then buried in the National Cemetery, Florence, SC. This site has been named one of the "Top 10 Carolinas' Civil War Sites" by John Blair in his book, Touring the Carolinas' Civil War Sites.