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Ziplines & Canopy Tours

Ziplines & Canopy Tours

Embrace true adventure at Canaan Zipline Canopy Tours, and experience the exhilarating blend of adrenaline and stunning natural beauty. The Full Tour begins with a thrilling ascent up a 70-foot tower. From there, you’ll brave nine ziplines and various challenge elements, including its longest zipline, extending over 900 feet. This immersive experience, spanning approximately three hours, offers unique perspectives of the area’s pristine landscapes, including views of the Catawba River.

Newer or less experienced adrenaline seekers may prefer the Bootleg Tour, which is tailored as an introduction zip. Much like the Full Tour, you’ll ascend the same 70-foot tower and then thrill in the first five ziplines of Canaan Zipline’s canopy circuit. Whichever tour you opt for, one thing is certain — an unforgettable experience awaits at Canaan Zipline Canopy Tours.