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Things to Do

Things to do

Throughout our diverse region, there’s so much to do! You should probably plan to stay an extra day — or several. 

History Buffs

From the Civil War to Civil Rights and battles for freedom of every kind, the Olde English District allows you to experience history in a personal way through a variety of immersive experiences.

Sport Adventure

Thrill-seekers will be satiated with adventure opportunities found here, but we offer plenty of sporting fun for everyone.

Nature Lovers

Nine state parks highlight the numerous opportunities to commune with nature in the Olde English District. But that’s just the beginning. 

Small-Town Americana

You’ll love our charming small towns and appreciate the storybook Americana experiences. If you’re looking for quaint downtowns or the slower pace of rural life, look no further.

Food & Drink

With wonderful local eateries and fantastic breweries, your getaway to the Olde English District will find you partaking in  

Family Fun

Bring the entire family together here for an array of adventures or simply to relax, recharge, and spend some quality time with each other.