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Feed Your Adventure Spirit With Jorge Alonso

Feed Your Adventure Spirit With Jorge Alonso

Adventure can find you everywhere—and the Olde English District is no exception. Nothing gets your blood pumping quite like skydiving, something that Jorge Alonso from Skydive! Carolina knows well. 

The skydiving bug bit Alonso at a young age. While attending school in his native Puerto Rico, he met a student whose parents ran the local skydiving club in Humacao, a town on the island’s eastern side. They regaled him with amazing stories of all the jumps and adventures they saw. 

“Since then, I dreamed of jumping from a plane,” Alonso says. “Once I reached my senior year in college, I took the money I had saved and made my first jump at Above the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Since 2003, I have completed over 4,000 jumps.” Twelve years ago, he joined Skydive! Carolina as a videographer, helping others achieve this bucket-list worthy achievement. The skydiving center offers all types of services, including tandem skydiving and skydiving lessons.

When Alonso’s not helping others take the leap, he participates in national skydiving competitions, winning various awards, including a gold medal in 2008 at the USPA National Championships as Team Carolina Black Ice’s videographer, a career highlight for him. “If I had the time, I would compete again,” he says, reminiscing about his win. A natural-born thrill seeker,  Alonso also has his scuba diving license and has run marathons.

Alonso would love to partake in many adventuring activities throughout the Olde English District, but his tight schedule keeps him occupied. “My work and ranch keep me pretty busy, but there are some tremendous adventuring activities that you can find in the Olde English District,” Alonso says. “You can go horseback and ATV riding, river rafting, kayaking and mountain biking. Ziplining, hang-gliding and riding roller coasters, too. Exciting things are coming!” 

As far as what the future holds, Alonso is thrilled that Skydive! Carolina’s CarolinaFest is back after a 5-year hiatus. “Over 300 skydivers from all across the world join us for so many activities,” he said. “This fun event is a must for anyone who likes skydiving or spending time with friends and family.” 

While adventure and sports don’t always go hand-in-hand with history and culture, the Olde English District has it all. “Skydive! Carolina has been around for over 30 years,” Alonso says. “I’ve been part of the team for 12 years, and seeing this type of development is exciting. I hope I can be part of this community for many more years to come.”