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Check out the treasures at Menagerie Antiques & Collectibles in Camden.



Calling all antique shoppers! The Olde English District boasts many unique shops filled with beautiful, high-quality items ranging from charming knick-knacks to large, stately furniture. Each antique shop in the region has its own personality and character, making the OED a paradise for those looking for one-of-a-kind treasures. 

To help you plan your shopping spree, we created a guide to must-visit antique shops that will make your next getaway unforgettable.

Shop Along Antique Street in Camden

Camden, South Carolina’s oldest inland city, proudly features a self-proclaimed Antique Street, adorned with a variety of antique stores, cozy coffee shops, and charming eateries. One of the highlights here is the Camden Antiques Market, hosting around 100 dealers who continually update their displays with exquisite pieces. From small trinkets to quality furniture, this market offers a diverse array of items to explore.

For those seeking high-end furniture, Sterling Fox Antiques is a must-visit. This shop offers a curated selection of hard-to-find furniture, artwork, rugs, and decor, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any home.

Shopping at Menagerie Antiques & Collectibles
Menagerie Antiques & Collectibles

Don’t let your shopping spree end there. Menagerie Antiques & Collectibles offers a wide selection of treasures, ranging from unique furniture pieces to sought-after knick-knacks, while AAA Pickers is home to an extensive collection of unique vintage items and rare collectibles. 

Unique Finds in Lancaster County

No visit to Downtown Lancaster is complete without stopping at The Shops on Main. Situated on Main Street, this shop features an impressive collection of antiques and artwork from local artists. This shop is a fun experience and also a way to learn more about Lancaster and its history. Don’t forget to grab a coffee from Daily Grind Coffee Bar just up the street and enjoy a leisurely browsing session.

Your Guide to Antique Shopping in the OED
Shops on Main

Household Antiques in Ridgeway

The Town of Ridgeway is nothing short of charming and is home to various antique shops. Ridgeway Marketplace is home to high-quality and budget-friendly antique pieces. They have a wide variety of items from furniture, art, clothes, books, dining and household decor, chandeliers, and much more. 

Ridgeway Marketplace
Ridgeway Marketplace

For DIY enthusiasts and hardware aficionados, Ruff Hardware is a unique destination. This family-run shop has been around for many years, offering a blend of modern and old-fashioned hardware and tools. It’s the perfect place to find that special item for your next project.

Treasure Hunt in Cheraw

In Cheraw, L&M Antiques is a large shop filled with various antique furniture and treasures waiting to be discovered. Another must-visit shop in Cheraw is Sentimental Journey Antiques, a shop brimming with knick-knacks and household items. Search for everything from china and furniture to lamps, artwork, pottery, and small collectibles. You’re sure to leave with a unique piece to remember your visit.