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Battle of Huck's Defeat

How to Experience the

Battle of Huck’s Defeat Reenactment

Every year, Historic Brattonsville brings the American Revolution to life with a reenactment of the pivotal Battle of Huck’s Defeat. Located in McConnells, South Carolina, this event commemorates the 1780 clash between Patriot militia and Loyalist forces led by the notorious British commander, Captain Christian Huck. 

Background of the Battle

By May 1780, British forces controlled four important towns in South Carolina: Camden, Cheraw, Georgetown and Charleston. Captain Christian Huck was tasked to persuade patriot leaders and sympathizers in the area to join the British forces or be arrested. Captain Huck emerged from the plantation house and mounted his horse where he was mortally wounded. With the death of the terrorizing Captain Hucka, South Carolina’s support and morale for the Patriot cause grew.  

Battle of Huck's Defeat
Battle of Huck’s Defeat Reenactment at Historic Brattonsville

Reenactment Details

The Battle of Huck’s Defeat Reenactment will take place at Historic Brattonsville on Saturday, July 13th, 2024 from 10AM-4PM and Sunday, July 14th from 10AM-4PM. (Pre-registration is encouraged but limited walkup tickets are available. Buy your tickets here.)

In addition to daily activities, there will be a special presentation of “A Black Loyalist’s Liberty: How Lucy Banbury Took Back Her Freedom.” At noon on both days, Carin Bloom, of Middleton Place in Charleston, will present her research on Lucy Banbury, an enslaved Loyalist woman from the Lowcountry who self-emancipated during the Revolution. 

Battle of Huck's Defeat Reenactment at Historic Brattonsville
Battle of Huck’s Defeat Reenactment at Historic Brattonsville

Other Activities at Historic Brattonsville

In addition to battle reenactments with live cavalry and musket-firing, visitors will also experience demonstrations of 18th-century life in operational camps. Period-dressed interpreters will showcase daily chores such as laundry, cooking, woodworking, and blacksmithing. Children’s militia drills, games, and educational activities will also be ongoing.

For more information, head to Historic Brattonsville’s website here.