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Ice cream from Two Scoops in Rock Hill



After exploring the many quaint towns of the Olde English District during summer, there’s nothing better than indulging in a sweet treat. The OED boasts a variety of delightful ice cream shops, each offering something special.

Here are a few special spots for ice cream in the OED:

1. Bush-N-Vine

Bush-N-Vine, one of the many farms in York County, offers fresh produce and some of the best ice cream in the OED. The farm’s fresh flavors, made with ingredients grown on-site, provide a truly authentic scoop. 

Established in 1979, this family-owned farm has a rich history of providing high-quality, produce to the community. Over the years, they’ve expanded their offerings to include refreshing, farm-fresh ice cream. The strawberry ice cream, in particular, is a crowd-pleaser.

ice cream scoop from Bush-N-Vine
Bush-N-Vine (photo courtesy of Visit York County)

2. The Caffeinated Cow

The Caffeinated Cow sells both flavorful coffee and ice cream. Located in the heart of Cheraw, this charming shop has become a local favorite for its tasty offerings and welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to cool down on a hot day.​​ Don’t miss their signature affogato, where a shot of espresso is poured over a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream—an irresistible treat for coffee and ice cream lovers alike.

3. Cotton Hills Farm

A visit to Cotton Hills Farm in Chester County isn’t complete without grabbing a scoop (or three) of ice cream. Established in 1882, this multi-generational family farm is steeped in history and tradition, providing a genuine farm-to-table experience. 

Their ice cream is made by Tony’s Ice Cream in Gastonia, North Carolina, and is a refreshing treat after picking local produce at the farm. Enjoy your ice cream while hanging out under the sun with blooming flower fields and rows of produce as your backdrop.

Cotton Hills Farm
Cotton Hills Farm

4. Creightons Creamery

Creighton’s Creamery in Kershaw County is a local hit, offering a variety of handcrafted ice cream flavors. This family-owned shop is passionate about creating high-quality, delicious ice cream, using only the finest ingredients. From classic vanilla and chocolate to more adventurous options like strawberry basil, there’s something for everyone. 

5. Fat Cat Creamery & SnoBalls

Known for its friendly atmosphere and delightful treats, Fat Cat Creamery in Lugoff offers a wide variety of hand-dipped ice cream flavors, from the classics to more unique flavors. For those seeking a lighter option, Fat Cat Creamery also offers creamy soft-serve yogurt, which is just as satisfying and delicious. Yogurt comes in various flavors and can be topped with an array of fresh fruits, nuts and sauces to create a customized treat.

6. Polly’s Coffee & Ice Cream Shoppe

When in Pageland, stopping at Polly’s Coffee & Ice Cream Shoppe is a must. This charming ice cream parlor offers a nostalgic atmosphere with a modern twist, serving up a delightful array of flavors that cater to every taste. Grab a scoop of classic vanilla and rich chocolate or other innovative creations like blueberry cheesecake and pecan pie.

Polly's Ice Cream in Pageland
Polly’s Coffee & Ice Cream Shoppe

7. P W’s Gourmet Ice Cream

P W’s Gourmet Ice Cream in Rock Hill is a great spot with a wide variety of flavors. From rich chocolate to fruity sorbets, they cater to all taste preferences. Their menu features a diverse selection of flavors, including classics like vanilla and strawberry, as well as fun creations like the Fudge-Ana.

8. Springs Farm

Springs Farm in Fort Mill is home to both produce and ice cream. Established in 1938, this historic farm has been a cornerstone of the community, known for its high-quality fruits and vegetables. The farm’s commitment to excellence extends to its popular ice cream, which is made daily with seasonal fruits from their fields, offering a true taste of local flavors. The strawberry ice cream is a must-try. 

Springs Farm
Springs Farm

9. Two Scoops Rock Hill

Two Scoops in Rock Hill is owned and run by three best friends who share a passion for creating memorable and delicious ice cream experiences. The shop’s large portions and unique flavors, such as banana pudding and lemon cookie, ensure that everyone finds something to love. They also have lactose-free flavors making this a great stop for everyone. The owners are constantly experimenting with new recipes, often inspired by customer suggestions and seasonal ingredients, keeping the menu fresh and exciting.

Ice cream from Two Scoops in Rock Hill
Two Scoops Rock Hill (photo courtesy of Visit York County)