St. John’s Episcopal Church Burning (and Cemetery) | Olde English District

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St. John’s Episcopal Church Burning (and Cemetery)

301 W. Liberty St.
Winnsboro, SC 29180
(803) 635-9811

Searching for St. John's silver communion service, the Yankee troops were said to have unearthed a freshly covered grave site believing it to be a possible hiding spot for the silver. Having only found a coffin, it is claimed that they removed the body of Major Manigault and with curses placed the body up, with the face toward the church, which in the meantime had been set on fire. While the St. John parish still occupies downtown Winnsboro, the building is no longer on this site; however, the graveyard now serves as the town cemetery. Location: From Columbia, take 321 N to 321 Business (turn right at the traffic light before Bi-Lo). Continue on 321 Business through the mill village and into downtown Winnsboro. Turn left on Fairfield Street. The cemetery is located near the corner of Fairfield and Garden Streets.