Rocky Creek Trail | Olde English District

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Rocky Creek Trail

1030 Chester Ave.
Great Falls , SC 29055
(803) 285-9455

This 1.6-mile, out-and-back trail is located along Rocky Creek, a tributary of the Catawba River. This natural surface trail is suitable for hiking and biking. At the river access, the trail "T"s. Taking a left will lead visitors on a 0.2-mile walk to a scenic waterfall. Following the trail to the right will lead visitors down a pleasant trail with scenic views of Rocky Creek. Note: Visitors are advised to use caution as the initial segment of the trail is fairly steep and made up of a patchwork of pavement. Please beware of the private property to the right down this section of the trail. However, trail visitors are permitted to walk through the open gate and continue along the trail. This segment of the trail winds through land protected by the Katawba Valley Land Trust.