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Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church

843 Old Buncombe Rd.
Union, SC 29379
(864) 427-9939

Founded on November 22, 1784, this church, first called "the Church of Christ on Tyger River", was renamed Padgett Creek Baptist Church by 1800. The present building was built 1844-48, and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. The present sanctuary still has the wide hand planed boards, a gallery that was used by slaves, and the twelve columns are original. The baptistery is located below the floor of the pulpit, which was built in September 1924. Before the baptistery was built inside, a concrete pool, located about three hundred yards North of the church, was used. This pool was filled with water from a nearby spring. Several church meeting places were established as arms or branches of Padgett's Creek Baptist Church; three of which developed into thriving churches: Union Meeting House (now Putman Baptist Church), New Hope Baptist Church at Cross Anchor, Tinker Creek (now Hebron Baptist Church), and the questionable Lower Fairforest Baptist Church.