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Latta House

7 South Congress St.
York, SC 29745
(803) 684-2888

This three-story house (c.1824) was built by Robert Latta, a wealthy merchant. Its walls are twenty-four-inch solid brick, brought from England as ballast by merchant vessels returning to Charleston and hauled by wagon to York. The building rests on a three-foot-wide solid granite base extending eight feet into the earth. The false window inserts show the designer's devotion to balance and symmetry. It is famed for its walled-in gardens, complete with strutting peacocks, and its own gas light system for the chandeliers in the house. The interior features cherry woodwork and rare imported black marble mantels. At the turn of the century, a two-story addition at the rear of the home was built for servants. The crack visible in the south end of the building was caused by the Charleston Earthquake (August 31, 1886).