Draper Wildlife Management Area | Olde English District

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Draper Wildlife Management Area

1080 Brattonsville Rd.
McConnells, SC 29726
(864) 427-5140

Sometimes referred to as the Brattonsville Tract because of its proximity to the community of Brattonsville, the Draper Tract consists of 806 acres. Approximately 80 acres of planted loblolly, natural loblolly, shortleaf and Virginia pine are present. Hardwood stands on this tract comprise approximately 371 acres (46 percent) and occur in both upland and bottomland sites. A significant number of desirable mast-producing hardwood species such as red oak, white oak, water oak, willow oak and swamp chestnut oak along with hickory, black walnut, dogwood and redbud occur. About 386 acres (48 percent) of this tract is open land or is non-forested and consists primarily of abandoned fields, powerline right-of-ways and ponds. Many of the fields or open areas are relatively large in size, some in excess of 50 to 75 acres. This area is managed specifically for small game, however good white-tailed deer and wild turkey populations are present. Special seasons and/or bag limits apply for quail, rabbit and turkey.  A limited number of participants for opening day dove hunts (youth and adult) are selected by drawing. Although managed for hunting, other forms of outdoor recreation such as hiking, biking and bird watching are popular here. No horseback riding is allowed. The property contains three stocked ponds--special limits and open times apply.  Also known for its massive (about 20 acres) brightly-colored sunflowers that bloom in July each year.  Access to the property is limited with a parking area provided.