Catoe's Chapel Church of God In Christ | Olde English District

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Catoe's Chapel Church of God In Christ

2297Bethune Rd.
Bethune, SC 29009
(803) 334-8480

The vision for the Catoe Chapel began in 1946 when African Americans working on the Catoe plantation approached the owner for land to build a church closer to where they lived. Sometime between 1947-48, John Catoe donated the lumber from an old house and actually helped with the building of the church. In 1949, services began in a 16 x 14 foot building that was named Catoe Chapel Holiness Church in honor of her benefactor. The original church was remodeled and expanded three times. A new modern facility was dedicated on December 24, 1996 and sits on property adjacent to the original structure. The church's founding mother, Mother Martha Brown, is buried in a cemetery located between the two church buildings. View from outside; open on Sundays.