Burrel Hemphill Monument at Hopewell ARP Church | Olde English District

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Burrel Hemphill Monument at Hopewell ARP Church

1341 Hopewell Church Rd.
Blackstock, SC 29014
(803) 581-3818

Burrel Hemphill was a slave in the household of the very wealthy bachelor, Robert Hemphill, during the Civil War. He, reportedly, was tortured to death by troops from Sherman’s Army. The story goes that when the soldiers approached the Hemphill estate, Robert fled to North Carolina. Burrel remained and the soldiers demanded that he reveal the hiding places of the Hemphill family's silverware, other valuables and money. Whether or not Burrel was actually privy to the information is not known. A granite monument erected by the white members of the Hopewell community in later years reads: "In Memory of Burrel Hemphill Killed by Union Soldiers February, 1865. Although a Slave He Gave His Life Rather Than Betray a Trust. He Was a Member of Hopewell". Off Hwy. 321 south of Chester.