Lunch and Learn: Jesus, Mary, and Frosty (The Art and Artistry of Christmas Yard Art) | Olde English District

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Lunch and Learn: Jesus, Mary, and Frosty (The Art and Artistry of Christmas Yard Art)

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 12:00pm until 1:00pm

The creation, assemblage, and display of Christmas yard decorations for many Americans marks the beginning of the holiday season. For some, this event involves simply stringing lights on outdoor evergreens, hanging a wreath on the front door, and opening the curtains so that the indoor decorations might be visible from the street. For others, it is a complicated process of assembling from a body of symbols those icons that best express the meaning of the holiday and creating, often by hand, a unique expression of their “Christmas spirit.” Join USC Lancaster Professor and Folklorist Dr. Stephen Criswell for this festive presentation.  Free and open to the public! For more details about this event, please visit the website here.

Location Details:

119 South Main St.
Lancaster, SC 29720
(803) 313-7172

Lancaster County sits within the lands once held by the Catawba Indian Nation, and the current Catawba Reservation is located about 15 miles from the campus of USC Lancaster. With strong geographical and historical ties to the Catawba, USCL has begun to develop curricular and public programs focused on Native American art and culture, with a special emphasis on the Catawba and other Native communities in South Carolina. The Center houses the world’s largest single collection of Catawba Indian pottery, five galleries, the only archive in South Carolina devoted in Native American history and culture, an archaeology lab, meeting and classroom spaces, and more.  Launched in 2018, the Native American South Carolina Archive (NASCA) is a comprehensive digital archive for tribal histories, photos, correspondence, oral histories, and more ( Every March, USCL hosts Native American Studies Week with lectures, performances, and arts and crafts sales. The gardens are a site on the summer SC Ag + Art Tour.  Admission is free.