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Geoff Achison

Location Details:

119 Pinckney St.
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 379-1683

Moon River (named for the classic Louis Armstrong song) is a wonderful and beautiful colonial home (c. 1904). It was built in the style of an old southern plantation for the Cross family. The design is that of an African American citizen, Thomas Henry Ayers,  DDS. This type of construction is fondly remembered as “Uncle Tommy’s Mansion”, a description provided by Ms. Vivian Ayers of the historic Brainerd Institute, Chester. The innkeepers have an abiding love for God and an appreciation for African American history and music. Throughout the house are paintings and pictures of notable contributors to this unique American experience. Each of the four bedrooms has its own special theme: the Jazz bedroom, the Gospel bedroom, the Blues bedroom and the Rock ‘n’ Roll bedroom. All are exceptionally spacious with private full baths.