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Virtual Options in the OED - Part 2

Part 2 - Chesterfield County

Check out Chesterfield County at Discover Chesterfield County here!

It's been called the Prettiest Little Town in Dixie....the one & only Cheraw! You don't even have to leave your house to check it out because Cheraw has its own phone tour. This little gem is a dial in tour that let's you explore at your own pace. You simply dial in and follow on the map (you can also jump around and start/stop anywhere). You can also get creative and follow the tour on Google Maps. Cheraw is chopped full of history and beauty. This'll be something everyone in the family will enjoy!

843-865-3002 and download the map at the bottom of this page (you will need this!). Click here for more information.

Also in Chesterfield County, the famous McLeod’s Farm! You can still pick up your farm favorites through their Curbside Pick Up program: or check out their videos at Videos include some of their super awesome corn mazes! Read a little more about their corn maze and other SC corn mazes here: SC Corn Mazes.

Chesterfield County is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. Over 50,000 acres of trails, canoeing, and wildlife exploration await. Click on SC's Rare Plant & Animal Species to find rare and endangered plant and animals species in South Carolina including the red cockaded woodpecker found in Chesterfield County! The article also notes the Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies.

Bird and butterfly enthusiasts (or bored people stuck in their houses) can help represent SC in national counts during this time! Check out info for hummingbirds here: hummingbirds and check out everything butterfly related here: butterflys