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Fort Lawn

Fort Lawn (c.1892; 1.4 sq. miles; population: 810).

The Fort Lawn Community Center

Fort Lawn is well known for several reasons. One is the Wagon Wheel Restaurant, which draws folks from around several counties.  Another is the town's active community center. The third, and most important, is the passion its residents feel for their small town. That pride can be seen in the Fort Lawn Community Center, a site that has been home to town festivals, adult education classes and square dancing. In 2001, the center was dedicated and opened. It served as a school for 50 years. Two of the county's busiest highways—SC Highway 9 and US  Highway 21—intersect in Fort Lawn, and the L&C Railway rail lines cut through this little town.  The name of the town was derived from one of the town's earliest families, the Forts.